Monday, June 10, 2013

New Dragons

I am working on a Facebook Page, so will soon be leaving my blog behind.   I will however, leave a forwarding link for the Page once it is up and running.

I've been very busy with pottery, and a new store that I have opened "Studio 176 Art" is located in downtown Sarnia, Ontario.  The concept is to give local artists, a location to show and sell their art at a reasonable cost.   To date - we have 25 artists with us in the store, and we are currently looking at expanding - again.   Here's the link:

More about that later.

For now - here is a new batch of dragons - just out of the kiln a few days ago.

These pictures were taken at a Ren Fest a few days ago - inside my tent, so I apologize that they are
all jumbled together and not set up properly.   I did want to get photos before any of them sold.
Here's a rundown:

#1:  Reposing Dragon - jewellry box.
She's set with a real amethyst in her belly.  Her tail will hold your rings nicely.

#2:  Sleeping Dragon Jewellry Box - Palladium Wings.
Lift off the wings to open the back and stash your jewels!

#3:  Dragon Jewellry box with Brown Wings - same as #2 above..

#4:  Standing dragon Jewel box - lift the wings off to reveal a handy jewellry stash.
She will also hold your rings on her tail.

#5:  Baby dragon - with butterfly on tail.  She has now had a real peridot set in her belly.

#6:  Baby dragon hiding on a leaf (2 pieces) - if you peak under her tail - her eyes are open.  
Maybe she's counting for a game of hide and seek.

#7:  Kiwi Puffy - Incense Burner.  Put the incense into the back of the dragon and smoke comes out his nose.

#8: Mocha Puffy - Incense Burner - put the incense into the back and smoke comes
out his nose as well. 

#9:  Hitchhiker Mug -  What's that on the side of your mug?  Seems you have a 
hitchhiker along for the ride.

#10:  Dragon Handle Mug:  He's looking over the side to make sure your drink is safe.

#11:  Another Hitchhiker - checking out the contents of your mug!

#12:   This is actually a jug - with a dragon as a handle - better picture will be uploaded.

#13:   And finally - another hitchhiker mug.  Nothing wrong with taking your dragon
along for the ride.

And - this doesn't have anything to do with dragons - but these mugs came out of the kiln at the same time. 
Really nice effect - the top layer shines purple and red in the light.  I think we'll be seeing more of this glaze.

Until next time......... and hopefully it won't be as long between visits.