Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Beginning

Well - here I am. I've had several requests from people, to set up some sort of site so that they could view - and possibly purchase my pottery. I'll see how this goes - I'm not quite ready for an Etsy Store just yet.

So - about me.

I'm really a structural steel estimator - and project manager for a small family owned business.
What does that mean? STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!
I spend my days - looking at blueprints - determining what steel is required for a particular project, then I estimate the cost of said steel, labour, etc. Then - we are supposed to fabricate the steel and install it. Most days - it doesn't go that way. Usually - I end up trying to figure out why someone who has a diploma on their wall - doesn't know what they are doing - and I'm supposed to figure out what they want, how to make it fit, and get the job done with the least amount of cost to the customer (that was wording it all very politely). It usually goes like this:
$%^#^&&%#@#@%$*&@@@$#%$^%! (sorry - can't say those words here).

This is where the pottery comes in.

In the year 2000 (remember that - Y2K thing)? I decided, that I needed a little bit of Me time - and to de-stress. My mother had suffered a massive stroke, there was that Y2K thing, I had this farm, 2 young children, this crazy job, and just needed a way to relax.

Enter - our local community college. I took a beginner's pottery course over the summer, as a one evening a week getaway. To my surprise - I really enjoyed myself. Scroll forward.........
to 2009.

I still work. The job is still stressful (very). I still have the farm. My kids are older (one is in university - the other is in grade 11) - and, I still need to de-stress.

Only now - I have my own studio (Green Dragonfly Pottery) - so I can do my pottery at home.
Hmmm - so much for the one night a week out. I might have to re-think this plan.

My pottery is getting better. I am always learning and going to workshops. But now - I feel pretty secure in the knowledge that I could probably show or sell some of my stuff. Here are a few of my creations - I won't say latest - because I have to take pictures of some of my newer stuff.

These are my Raku sheep. Each are about 1 1/2" high. I love the funky colours - you never know what you will get with raku.

These are little birdhouses - again - about 1 1/2" high. They turned out very rustic - I will post a picture. Once they were glazed - the colours became very intense and bright.

Tiny sheep again - they all became mobiles - then they all sold very quickly. I will have to make some more - as I have to do a little class at an upcoming meeting on making mobiles.

This is a raku vase - I donated it to ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario) for a fundraiser. I have a few more dragon vases ready to glaze - just have to get out to the studio and get to work (soon as it warms up a bit)
Well - that's it for today - don't want to overload everyone with info.
In the next few weeks - I will take pictures and post what I have available - and show some of my upcoming work. Lots of great ideas - and I love to hear from people with ideas for pottery, so don't be shy - leave a comment.

Until next time..........