Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the Wheel

Yes - I know I haven't posted for a bit. It's been rather hectic. And everyone's been sick (tis the season) - and, excuses, excuses, excuses.

I have been busy though.

Earlier this month - I had the opportunity to go to a weekend workshop at the Kawartha Potters Guild in Peterborough. The workshop presenter was Simon Leach, youngest grandson of
well known potter Bernard Leach.

Simon was very informative - and entertaining.

In this picture - he's entertaining us by throwing 2 bowls at the same time. It was a good ice breaker.

This second picture shows a bowl that he just
finished "fluting" for us.

It was really a nice weekend getaway.

The drive home was a bit terrible though - as the roads had gotten quite icy in our area - making
for a slow drive the last hour or so.

So - now I have to get back to the wheel - and get ready for upcoming shows for the year.

I have been working - but the last 15 bowls went out for empty bowls and several pieces were made for commissions. I have most of them out of the way right now - I have some planters and birdfeeders to hand build for commission yet.

I have also been playing with glass a lot. Right now - I'm playing with fusing glass to the top of pottery pendants to get some interesting effects.

In this picture - I'm showing some test pieces where I fused the glass frit to the surface of several little pendants. It gives an interesting
crackly effect because the glass shrinks at a different rate than the clay.
I'm really quite pleased and excited by the possibilities - and I have some different ideas swirling around in my head.

Now - it's just a matter of putting it onto the wheel.................... gotta get back to the wheel.

I'll post again soon - I promise!