Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Umm - I've been hearing that a lot lately.

Truth be told - my daughter came home for the month of July to visit - so I spent as much time as possible with her, as I won't see her again until Christmas time.

I have also spent a lot of time in front of the wheel - and handbuilding.

I have a new line of pottery out - called DragonWare. So there has been much design work - and preparations for the upcoming fall shows. Orders have been rolling in - and I'm trying to keep up - but I'll give you a little sneak preview.

None of it is glazed yet (a stray cat has had kittens in my studio, and I can't fire up the kilns because of the heat) - but hopefully I can move the kittens out this next week - and get some glazing done.

So - here we go:

I'll start out with the dragon teapot.

Then there's the mug:
I call these little guys "hitchhikers" because that's exactly what they are doing - hitching a ride on your mug.

Then there's the incense burner that my
wonderful husband says looks like a drunken
cow - but really - I think it looks like a dragon puckering up for a kiss. The smoke comes out of the nose.

This is a wine goblet - he's guarding your drink for you.

This guy is kinda cute too - I call him drinkin bud, cause he's kind of hanging on to the side monitoring how full the glass is.

And here's the last one for now:

Another teapot - this time the dragon is hanging on to the
side, with his tail curled around the spout. I will have
a bamboo handle on it when it's done.

I have more - but don't want you to suffer from
Dragon overload.

So - if you don't see me for a bit more - it's because I have to get out 300 pieces for
the end of September - I'll try to post more pictures as soon as I get a chance to glaze some of these.