Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to Breathe

Well - the sales are over, and it's time to breathe deeply before the next round starts.

I've just finished 6 different shows and sales during the month of November. They went very well for the most part - but I don't think that next year I will be inclined to line up quite so many shows. It's just too hard to get other work accomplished.

Here is a picture of some of the birdfeeders and birdhouses that were a real hit with the customers this season. I love the organic shape of the birdfeeders - and the colours.

I have 3 new pottery students starting in the next few weeks. So - I am very busy trying to clean up and organize my studio. I have to figure out where I'm going to put everything - and everybody - because my studio isn't really all that large.

And - I have orders - orders - orders to fill.

The latest item of interest seems to be
"Yarn Bowls".

Here is a side view of 3 that I made earlier this month. They are all the rage for knitters.
You place your ball of yarn inside the bowl - and thread the yarn through the slot on the side of the bowl.

It keeps the yarn up off the floor and confined so that it doesn't pick up dust and dirt - and possibly pet passing kittens, cats and puppies.

This is a top view of 3 of the bowls that are in the top picture. They show that there are 2 slots - so that you could put 2 balls of yarn into the bowl.

Actually a really neat idea.