Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes Life Gets Busy

Life has gotten a bit crazy around here this past few months. I hadn't realized that it was 6 months since I posted - 6 months!

So - I'm taking a bit of time to update what's going on in my world of pottery.

I'm still working on my dragons.

This guy here is one of several of my bottle dragons that I have made.

I start out throwing a bottle on the wheel - then
throw it down on the table. Whatever shape it takes is the pose that the dragon will assume.

I'm in the process of doing some baby dragons right now, so I will post them soon.

I'm also still doing some of the dragons on the
side of pots.

I have this one here - which is particularly stunning. The dragon hangs over the side of the
bowl. The stunning part is the inside of the bowl.

The colour and depth of the glaze is amazing -
and accidental.

I had glazed it once but missed a spot on the rim - so I dabbed some black glaze on top of the rim and refired it. The result was this pool of blue that the dragon is looking into.

I continue to work on my birdhouses and bird feeders and soap dishes (all the big sellers at
sales) - but I really enjoy the dragons - they have so much

And now for this little ditty here.
My daughter makes these fantastic
"Tree of Life" pendants and sells them.
They are so fantastic. She does them in all
different stones - and 3 different sizes.

I am going to work some of them into some
tealight holders. They will be attached to the
side of the tealight holder - and the light will shine through the stones.

That's all for now, and I'll try not to be so lax
from now on.