Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally - a new Post

Yes - I know....... I promised to try to keep up more up to date with the blog.
But well - you know.......... Life gets busy - and the blog is sometimes the last thing on my mind.

Since September, I had 12 shows/sales, some of the sales were 2 - 3 days long. It was a rather busy - tiring few months. Long hours in the studio -and many late nights firing kilns.

In there - I did manage to remember to snap a few pictures of some of my work. I must remember in the future to take pictures of all of my work for future reference.

They seem to be a huge part of my work these days.
They are time consuming to make - but lots of fun. I make "Welsh" or Medievel dragons.
Each of them has their own personality - and they become just like pets. Sometimes it's very
hard to put them up for adoption because I do get attached.

This little fella was a gift to my friend Barb for Christmas.
"Dragonfly and Friend"

The look on the dragons face says it all. (if you click on the picture - you can see a larger version).

This next little feller does double duty. Not only is he cute - but he's also the "Keeper of the Jewels".
His tail is a ring holder - and his hands will hold a necklace (in this case he's holding one of my daughter's "Tree of Life" pendants). You could also use his horns to hold your earrings.
Standing just 5" tall - he's a real cutie. I plan to make a few more of these in the future - and make the wings removable to put your stuff inside the body like a box.

This picture is just a shelf of different dragons that I had at a show in London, Ontario recently.
Not the best picture really - but it does show 4 of the different styles of dragons that I make.

Of course - I also do other types of pottery. Here are a couple of Handbuilt planters/serving dishes.
I had some real problem with the glaze bubbling - and I had to refire them - 3 times. Each time - the blue glaze ran more to the bottom of the pot - leaving greens and browns behind.
I was rather pleased with the overall effect in the end.

The top picture is of the inside of the shorter pot. They have a barnyard scene around the outside - and the barn scenes on the bottom as well.

This Picture shows the "Pebble" planter and the outside of the barnyard dish. Personally - I love the colours on these pieces - almost like a watercolour wash.
That's all for tonight. I also have a new line of handbuilt "Bark" pieces. I'll take some pictures of them, and post them in my next blog (hopefully soon).