Saturday, October 1, 2011

Earth Dragons

A new clutch of baby dragons has just come out of the kiln:
Of course - they all come with their very own little dragonfly friends:

The count - with his long wings that look like a cape. Count stands about 6" tall.
I broke the end of his tail - and fixed it - but it's still cracked. Thus - he will sell for $35

Checking out the hitchhiker.
This wee guy stands about 4" tall - and he's really wondering - "What is that on my tail"

This little fella is about 6" long - but only about
2 1/2" high. He has a new friend sitting on his tail. $40

Sigh - too tired to play.
This wee baby is probably about 7" long and
wears a dragonfly on her horn. Alas - I broke
her tail during firing. It's been mended - but the break line still shows. $35

Let's get a closer look. A real crowd pleaser.
All scrunched up to check out the dragonfly on his foot - this little tiny fella is about 4" long.

A new friend to play with. This little guy is about
6" long and 3" in height. Resting on his wings while he gets a good look at the little dragonfly resting on his tail. $40

Up close and personal. What do you do when a dragonfly lands on your nose? You cross your eyes to get a good look at him.
This little fella is about 5" long and 3" high.

Then there are these two girls - jewellry guardians:

I'll hold all my treasure in my belly for safe keeping for you.
She's about 10" long and 4" in height.

If you peak under my wings - you might
find a surprise. This girl is about 8" long and 2" high. The wings remove to reveal her secret hiding place.

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